july 27 is the 208th day of the year, or the 209th day if it is a leap year. wikipedia tells me this, and also that there are 157 days remaining til the end of the year.
this is my birthday. while no major celebrities were born on this day, except for some politicians and made-for-tv film actors, it is also the finnish 'national sleepy head day'.
on this annually celebrated day, custom is that the last person in the houseold to wake up, often the laziest of the bunch, is woken up with water. by either having it trown on them, or the dubbed 'sleepy head' is thrown into it; i.e the sea or a lake.
this tradition is based on some kind of folks tale where a bunch of supposed saints slept in a cave for 200 odd years, or something to that effect

stephany 2009-04-28 @ 3:37 p.m.
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